Ohio, get set to enjoy the ride.

When it comes to the race for the White House, to alter a line from political guru Ed Rollins, Ohio is about to feel like the only fire hydrant at the Westminster Dog Show, we’re going to be the object of a lot of attention whether we want it or not. My hope is that you not only want it but you take the time experience it and recognize it for the rare opportunity it presents us as individuals and a state.
Ohio will decide this election and the candidates know it. As a result between now and November 4th it will feel as if Barack Obama and John McCain are running not for the White House but for the Governor’s mansion. The campaign trail will take them, their running mates and their surrogates on an almost daily trek across Northeast Ohio.  
In recent elections we’ve been spoiled by such attention but trust me it is not the norm. I grew up a political junkie in Philadelphia, I volunteered stuffing doors as a kid in grade school, I worked on campaigns in high school and started getting paid for the work in college.  After college I went to work full time as a press secretary for a year and a half on various campaigns before taking my first job in television.  Philadelphia though is a city where democrats held a 5-to-1 registration edge so even if Pennsylvania was up for grabs in a given election, the city was not so there was little campaigning there.  As a result the first time I ever got to see a President in person I was a reporter covering him.

So when I cover John McCain and Barack Obama I like to look around the room to see the children in attendance.  As a little kid who never got that opportunity I am envious of them and happy for them. This is their first taste of American Democracy and hopefully it is the memory that stays with them and one day inspires them to get involved in the process or at very least reminds them of the value that goes along with their vote.
Through our Democracy 2008 coverage we will be there covering those visits and bringing them to you but at some point, if you have the opportunity, take advantage of the chance to experience it first hand.



Press Pass from McCain's Palin Announcement Dayton, Oh

Dayton Press Pass






John McCain preparing to introduce his pick of Sarah Palin

John McCain preparing to introduce his pick of Sarah PalinWright State University Dayton, Oh

McCain-Palin Dayton, Oh

McCain-Palin Dayton, Oh


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