Notes, Quotes & Anecdotes




*The Vienna, Ohio visit of John McCain and Sarah Palin Tuesday was part political design part political convenience.  If you’ve been watching ABC’s Good Morning America you know they’re traveling cross country this week by train as part of their Great American Whistle Stop Tour.  John McCain’s scheduled to appear live Tuesday morning as the train heads into Gustavus, Ohio from Western New York.  Gustavus is just a stone’s throw up Route 11 from Vienna.


*The theme of the day though, the crisis on Wall Street, played perfectly into the location for McCain.  Trumbull County is Democratic no doubt.  It went for John Kerry in 2004 62% to 38% and it went roughly 3-to-1 for Ted Strickland and Sherrod Brown in 2006.  But these are in many ways conservative democrats, Reagan democrats, Hillary democrats (she won the county 2-to-1 over Obama in March.)  These are voters John McCain feels he can reach and having an issue like this that pits Wall Street greed against Main Street values is one he or any politician will pitch here any day. 


*Polls out today show both Barack Obama and John McCain are trusted equally on the economy.  This is issue number one with Americans and the candidate who the voters feel is best able to handle it will likely be the winner in November.  I weigh that though against these words that started a New York Times article today on the situation on Wall Street. 

“One clear implication of the tumult in the financial world is that some of the biggest brains in the business, from the Federal Reserve to Wall Street, have no idea what will happen next or how to respond.” 

Good luck with that guys.


*Finally to see that old hangar at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport converted into the site of that political rally Tuesday with 7,000 people, McCain’s jet, Palin’s jet and a sea of media was somewhat amazing.  That’s because the last time I stepped foot in the place was in May of last year when we had to land there to refuel in Newschopper 5.  It felt like the Twilight Zone, I could literally count on one hand the number of people I saw there (and that’s including me, the pilot and the photographer.) What a difference a campaign makes.

Be well – John

Media riser in airport hangar

Media riser in airport hangar

Airport hangar @ Youngstown Airport

Airport hangar @ Youngstown Airport



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