McCain's Plane at Cleveland Hopkins

McCain's Plane at Cleveland Hopkins

As I watched John McCain’s campaign jet, “the Straight Talk Express,”  taxi into Cleveland Hopkins Monday night I couldn’t help but think what a difference a few months make.  
This spring I was flying in Newschopper 5 and we landed near a Jet Blue airplane at Burke Lakefront Airport.  Next to it there was a Cleveland cop waiting to escort a couple of vans waiting for the passengers to get off. 
As I walked by the plane I asked what’s up? Someone said ‘oh it’s John McCain.’  No big security deal, nothing really, just another plane.
Fast forward to September 22nd when we went out to Cleveland Hopkins to get video of McCain’s arrival and we had to be in place by 6 p.m. for McCain’s 9:30 arrival.   We had the full Secret Service sweeps that are usual and they were joined by several Cleveland Cops and State Police.  The vans for the press were triple in number, there was the big old painted McCain bus, about a half dozen or more vans for press.   (And of course the Jet Blue plane has since been repainted.)
The blurry guy's John McCain

The blurry guy is McCain

It was a total 180 from the arrival I stumbled across this spring but for one exception.  I still don’t think McCain is used to having the press awaiting his arrival at airports.   So when he exited the plane he hit the stairs like he was running to make a connecting flight.  (Hence the blur of a photo.) 
He’s got to learn that you walk out, pause – wave, then head to your car.  That gives the media a good 30-seconds of video and the candidate a little more face time. 
But again knowing how he was traveling a few months ago I’m not sure if he even knew we were there.

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