It's all about Cleveland!

                       “Hello Ted?  Barack here.  Hey buddy a question, how’d you do it?” 


If I were Barack Obama it’s a call I might be making to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.  The answer to the question about how to win Ohio may very well be found by studying Ted Strickland’s blue print for winning the Governor’s seat in 2006.


And there’s no need to bog yourself down by studying strategy for 88 counties, let’s just focus on three and they’re right here in Northeast Ohio; Cuyahoga, Summit and Stark.


In his victory Ted Strickland carried all three of these counties.  No real surprise, John Kerry also carried them in 2004.   Consider this though, after studying the numbers from those two races I found that if John Kerry had carried those three counties by the same percentage as Ted Strickland he would have had, by my count, an extra 124,891 votes.  John Kerry only lost Ohio by 118,600 votes. 


Flip those popular votes and you flip Ohio’s 20 electoral votes, flip those electoral votes and John Kerry would be in a battle right now for his second term as President.


In the interest of full disclosure John McCain’s no Ken Blackwell and the likelihood of Barack Obama matching Strickland’s 75% of the vote in Cuyahoga county is a tall order order.  Bill Clinton only got 61.4% in 1996 to Bob Dole’s 29.46% (Ross Perot got 9.12%.) 


            Even still in the final week of the campaign especially watch for a prominent Obama presence in the Cleveland Akron Canton area.  The key to maximizing numbers in generating a growing buzz leading up to  Election Day. 



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