Can I Buy A Vowell; Part One

Here’s an entirely useless piece of Presidential Election history.  For some reason I was thinking about the number of vowels in the last name of John McCain & Barack Obama, 2-to-3 respectively.   I asked myself the useless question is their a subliminal edge?  The answer to my surprise – Yes.   
I looked at Presidential Elections dating back to 1872 and found that only four times did a candidate with more vowels in their last name than their opponent lose.  Seriously and if it wasn’t for the vowel challenged Bush duo it would have only been two times.


They are from 2004-1872;

2000:    Al Gore lost with more vowels to George W. Bush.

1988:    Michael Dukakis lost to George H.W. Bush.

1964:    Barry Goldwater defeated by Lyndon Johnson.

1912:    Teddy Roosevelt falls to Woodrow Wilson


Merv Griffin, Creator "Wheel of Fortune" 1994

Merv Griffin, Creator Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White, 1991

Vanna White, 1991










I wasn’t going to write about this but in keeping with the Wheel of Fortune theme I figured why not.  

I was recently waiting for John McCain to arrive at the airport.  As the Secret Service checked our equipment we were seated in a room with other reporters, photographers and a group of college journalism students. 

I thought to myself how neat for them being able to see a presidential candidate. World News Tonight was on the TV and I was straining to hear what Charlie Gibson was saying about the campaign over the talking students who could care less which kind of surprised me. 

A few minutes later though I looked over and they were glued to the TV…  Oh the news was over, Wheel of Fortune was on.  I pointed to my photographer and said “look at this.”  Then when Vanna turned the all revealing letter and they were able to solve the puzzle there were high fives for all.






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