42 on Mall C

42 on Mall C

In the last 30 years only one Democrat has won both the State of Ohio and the White House and that man, Bill Clinton came to Cleveland Thursday for his first Ohio campaign stop for Barack Obama.  The 42nd President firing up the crowd of more than a thousand supporters.  His focus here to rally support in a city and county that will play a huge role in determining who wins the state.
The margin of victory coming out of Cuyahoga is key for Obama to offset the republican numbers elsewhere.
How much he’ll need used to be easy to tell.  When Clinton carried Ohio he only won Cuyahoga County by 150,362 votes in ’92 and 177,587 votes in ’96.
Al Gore fell between those numbers in 2000 with a 167,814 lead out of Cuyahoga but he lost the state.
John Kerry posted even bigger numbers in 2004 winning the county by 226,903 votes but he too lost the state. 
That’s why Barack Obama has focused so much of his efforts in other parts of the state.  He’s going to get what he’s going to get out of Cuyahoga and I suspect he’ll have a big rally here a day or two before the election but if he can build on Kerry’s numbers here and chip away some of the Republican votes in the other parts of the state it may be enough to join Bill Clinton in the Carried Ohio Club.

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