“I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace.  That two are called a law firm and that three or more become a congress!”   

The character of John Adams in 1776

There are 18 Congressional Districts in Ohio, 11 of them cover at least a small part of Northeast Ohio, 7 of them entirely in our neck of the woods.  In those seven districts we have two open seats the 11th and the 16th.  The 11th is the seat of the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones which is as a safe a Democratic seat as you will find in Congress.  The others the 16th where longtime Republican Ralph Regula of Navarre is stepping down after 36 years.   The current breakdown is 11 Republican Seats, 6 Democratic (7 if you count Tubbs-Jones).

With that in mind the 3 most interesting races in Northeast Ohio this year are;

The 16th District Race in Stark, Wayne, Medina & Ashland Counties.    Alot of money being pumped into this one from in and out of the state.  The race features two State Senators, Republican Kirk Schurring and Democrat John Boccieri.  After 36 years in Republican hands It is one of the seats the Democrats feel they can flip this year and they’re doing what they can to make that happen but the Republicans are fighting equally as hard.

The 10th District Race in Cleveland and Western Cuyahoga County pitting 6-term incumbant Democrat Dennis Kucinich against former State Rep Jim Trakas. 

The 14th District Race in Lake, Geauga Ashtabula and parts of Cuyahoga and Trumbull.  Incumbant Republican Steve LaTourette, the former Lake County prosecutor seeking his 8th term in Congress against Democrat and former State Appeals Court Judge Bill O’Neill.



  1. Greg Says:

    The 10th is an interesting race, I think Trakas will do better than expected, but it’s going to be touch to defeat Dennis.

    The 16th is THE race to watch, I think the Dems have a very slight advantage.

    The 14th race is pretty much over, O’Neill has no money left, and his ads backfired on him.

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