If the election is close there will be things you need to look for and just as importantly look past as the first numbers come in.   

*A quarter million early votes have been cast already in Cuyahoga County, the counting of those votes will begin on Election Day itself, they won’t be tabulated though until the polls close so if that is done at 7:30 those numbers could show a huge advantage to Barack Obama but won’t be reflective of the County as a whole. 

*John Kerry won Cuyahoga County by 227,000 votes yet lost the state by 118,000.  Obama’s camp will be looking for at least a 300,000 vote lead coming out the Cuyahoga.  

*Look at the early numbers in Lake & Stark for a more even guess at what the state will do.

*At 7 p.m. the polls close in Indiana, Virginia & Georgia.  If they are called early for Obama it could be an early night.

*At 7:30 Ohio and North Carolina close, again crucial to McCain. 

*Pennsylvania polls close at 8 but traditionally the early numbers that come in tend to favor Democrats because they’re coming from Philadelphia and Allegheney Counties.  The “T” of the state, the northern tier and central counties which tend to vote Republican also tend to come in late.  If the race is tight early it bodes well for McCain.


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