I’ll Never Forget…


I’ll never forget…  The look on Barack Obama’s face as he stepped out of a car and saw me running at him full speed with a look of “friend or foe” on his face.  

It was February of 2007 a week or two after he announced and he was heading into the Key Marriott for a fundraiser.  There were only two entrances I staked out the front, my cameraman Rich Geyser staked out the side.   When his car pulled up to the side Rich was in position but I had to do a 50-yard sprint to get him before he walked in.  To stop him, I started yelling “Senator, Senator.”  (This was before Secret Service protection.) As he looked up I realized he’s thinking is this a crazy guy?  So I showed the microphone as I slowed down towards him and asked him “How’s Ohio treating you?”  He realized I wasn’t a threat at that point and stopped to talk.  

Copley H.S. Gym  11/3/2008

Copley H.S. Gym 11/3/2008

I’ll never forget…  The inside of the 1,246 gyms I visited during the course of this campaign. (Okay maybe it was only a dozen or two but it sure felt like that many.)

Overheated Brady Quinn on right

Overheated Brady Quinn on right

I’ll never forget… How hot it got inside the Strongsville Rec Center Gym during the McCain event that included the endorsement of Brady Quinn who by the end of the event appeared ready to pass out while the 72-year-old John McCain looked unphased.

Sarah Palin's Introduction to the Lower 48

Sarah Palin's introduction the Lower 48

I’ll never forget…  Being down in Dayton to cover McCain’s naming of a vice-presidential pick.  I brought with me a file on every conceivable candidate (except one). 

I’ll never forget…  the look of surprise I had as I saw an ACORN van pull into the lot of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections during the first day of the so-called “Golden Week” where you could register and vote at the same time.  Out of the van came 5 or 6 volunteers and 1 homeless woman who, for my money, had no idea where she was.

Barack Obama in Lorain February 24, 2008

Barack Obama in Lorain February 24, 2008

I’ll never forget…  During the Democratic Debate at Cleveland State in February when the late Tim Russert said to Barack Obama ‘I want to play something for you and get your response to it.’   What he proceded to play was Obama’s answering my question to him I posed two days earlier during a campaign stop in Lorain. 

Joe Biden with first responders on September 11th in Parma

Joe Biden with first responders on September 11th in Parma

I’ll never forget…  Spending September 11ths with Joe Biden in Parma.  The premise was absolutely no campaigning just a small gathering to recognize local safety forces for the jobs they do.  I remember it because there was no campaigning.  There were no political signs of any kind, there was no “we’ll do this”  or “they’ll do that” it was just personal reflection on 9-11 and Biden talking with local police and firefighters about the challenges they face.  The names Barack Obama and John McCain were mentioned only once and that was when Biden said he’d be joining them both at Ground Zero later that night.   It was a nice break from the intense tone of the campaign.  Of course the next day in the Plain Dealer article on the trip several people were quoted complaining about the fact Biden didn’t say anything about what they would do if elected.

I’ll never forget…  Having the most fun on an election night since I worked in politics.  The opportunity to be live on the internet with a camera giving folks a behind the scenes look at Newschannel 5, talking at length with our reporters, anchors and staff and having the chance to spend more than a soundbites worth of time talking to our political analysts was an absolute blast.  To sit there and talk in depth with someone like Lou Stokes several times throughout the night reflecting on the historic significance of this election, this night and how it reminded him of November of 1967 when his brother Carl became the first black mayor of a major city and what Carl would have thought of this night, is an experience that was absolutely priceless.  Thank you.

Lou Stokes & Leon Bibb watch as ABC declares Barack Obama the winner.

Lou Stokes & Leon Bibb watch as ABC declares Barack Obama the winner.


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