The Philadelphia Eagles have made it to two Super Bowls 15 & 39.   Both were in inaugural years.  XV came a few days after Ronald Reagan took his first oath of office in 1981 and XXXIX (yes I had to look up the roman numeral,  I doubted myself when it looked liked I was wrtiting hugs and kisses XOXOX.) That one came just after President George W. Bush took the oath for his second term.   Two Republican Presidents two NFC losses. 

Yes in the last 30 years, with the exception of San Francisco, when the SuperBowl is played in the days following the inauguration the AFC wins if it’s a Republican in the White House (2005-New England, 2001-Baltiomore, 1981-Oakland) and the NFC wins when the Democrats take the oath. (1997-Green Bay & 1993 – Dallas.)

So could we see two Pennsylvania teams playing days after Barack Obama takes the up Pennsylvania Avenue?  Possibly but if it happens fate might be with the  Eagles with Obama being a Democrat.


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