So what do we really talk about on 2-shots?

The 2-Shot; Michael J. Fox October 1997

The 2-Shot; Michael J. Fox October 1997

    After an interview is when the photographer usually gets what we call a two-shot or cutaway.  It’s just a shot of the interviewer and his subject talking that’s helpful in editing.

      More often than not it’s simply a continuation of the discussion about the interview topic but not always.    Below is an example of the latter I came across recently while going through some old tapes.

     It’s from an interview I did in 1997 with actor Barry Bostwick when I was shooting behind the scenes piece on the set of “Spin City,” the Michael J. Fox comedy on ABC in which Bostwick play the Mayor of New York City.

     For some reason in the two shot we were talking about a television special that Bostwick was a part of years earlier celebrating the 100th Birthday of Irving Berlin.  In it Bostwick and Bea Arthur were singing some of Berlin’s classic Broadway hits.   I remembered Barry sung a song from “Annie Get Your Gun” but neither of us could remember which song it was… at first.


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