Thanks Ted for more than the memories!

november 2008 076

In wanting to say goodbye to Ted Henry I realized I can’t do it without first extending a very special thank you to news managers past (long gone from the station) who decided a few years back to rearrange all the desks in the newsroom,  not the layout just where everyone sat. 

Like many I moaned initially about packing up and having to move all my stuff but when the dust settled and we all found ourselves in new spots, Ted and I found ourselves separated by one desk.  Now I obviously had worked with Ted and talked with him in passing since joining Newschannel 5 but never so much as when we found ourselves sitting a few feet from each other.

Picture from my desk of Ted watching Phillies World Series victory. Oct. 2008

Picture from my desk of Ted watching Phillies World Series victory. Oct. 2008

This was never as true as it was during the entire Presidential campaign starting in late 2007 lasting through the primary and general election process and then with the financial crisis that followed.  Ted and I very often found ourselves in impromptu deep talks, hashing out political strategy and economic policy and in so doing very often finding ourselves coming to common sense conclusions that would take the powers that be in Washington days or weeks to come up with if they did at all. 

Those conversations forced me to raise my own bar, do my homework when I got home from the station at night and before I came in the next day.  I wanted to not just know the issues in the campaign or on Wall Street, I wanted to know all sides of them so that when Ted and I would speak the next day I was bringing something to the conversation.

Without even knowing it Ted you made me a better journalist and for someone whose been doing this for 20 years I don’t think there’s a greater professional compliment I could give you.

As you prepare to begin the next chapter in your life I join all of Northeast Ohio in wishing you nothing but the best because that’s exactly what you’ve seen fit to give us over the last 37 years!

Good luck & God Bless you will be missed!


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