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Gary Papa 1954-2009

June 19, 2009
Gary Papa  April, 1987

Gary Papa April, 1987

Philadelphia lost an amazing talent June 19, 2009 with the death of WPVI Sports Director Gary Papa at the age of 54 to prostate cancer.  I first met Gary in 1982 when he spoke at a communion breakfast at Northeast Philly’s Archbishop Ryan High School.  I wrote to him after and invited him to speak to my high school Media class and he immediately accepted. 

Me, Teacher Bob Clothier & Gary Papa; 1983

Me, Teacher Bob Clothier & Gary Papa; 1983



 Gary came to speak at Archbishop Ryan that year and again the next when I had a sports television show at the school “SportsScript” which he appeared on as a guest.   We stayed in touch and five years later I was happy to surprise him when I showed up as an intern in the sports department at WPVI.  Don Tollefson was a teacher of mine at Temple and offered me the spot,  I can still remember Gary’s face when I walked through the door that first day, it was sort of that proud big brother with that ‘get ready to learn’ look.

John Kosich, Gary Papa, Don Tollefson 1987

John Kosich, Gary Papa, Don Tollefson 1987

Working in the sports department was a unique experience back then you had Tolly who was like a 1950’s convertible, laid back , under control, cool as a cucumber and then you had Gary, the high revving turbo powered sports car, merciless on typewriters with his hard pounding two finger approach to typing.  Both men excelling at their jobs but with totally different approaches.  As a youngster in this business it was an interesting contrast.

Gary Papa, Lisa Thomas-Laury & Marc Howard on set

Gary Papa, Lisa Thomas-Laury & Marc Howard on set

After I graduated from college I was working full time in politics as a press secretary as I sent out tapes looking to land my first television job but it was Gary who allowed me the opportunity to keep my hand in the business by continuing to intern with him on the weekends.  Gary’s interns were often called “the lost puppy brigade” because he always had a slew of them and he went out of his way to encourage them all.

I remember I asked Gary to write me a reference letter once and he told me “you write it and I’ll sign it, heck write a bunch of them so you have them.”  So I wrote about ten copies of the same letter praising my unbelievable talents leaving the date and the person it was being sent to blank.  Gary happily signed them all. 

Scott Palmer & Gary Papa

Scott Palmer & Gary Papa

When I look back on the above picture it’s vintage Gary from the standpoint that he’s listening to every word Scott was saying but watching intently to see what the competition had, he never wanted to get beat. 

It was Gary who told me to remember one phrase “Polite Perseverance,” be a pain in the ass he said but be a polite pain in the ass.   Gary Papa had a tireless energy that was contagious, something that applied not only to his job but to life.  In 20 years in television I’ve never known another quite like him, I’m not sure I ever will.

Gary Papa, Lisa Thomas Laury, Chris Wagner

Gary Papa, Lisa Thomas Laury, Chris Wagner


John Kosich vs. John Kasich

June 1, 2009

may-0012From November 2010:  If the past ten years or so are any indication the next four should be interesting.   Ohio’s new Governor is Republican John Kasich while here in the northeast part of the state John Kosich (me) gets ready to cover his administration.

For the record there is no relation other  than the fact that we share a similar Croatian background.

When I was an anchor in Atlantic City in the early 90s and he was a congressman in Columbus I wrote to him about his family background. He put me in touch with his Uncle George who called one day and we compared family histories.

Over the last six or seven years I’ve enjoyed the number of viewer e-mails I’d occassionally get from folks who would tell me how much they enjoyed watching me on Fox.

This was especially true when John Kasich would guest host for Bill O’Reilly on the O’Reilly Factor.  And lest you think it’s just viewers who get confused it’s not, one day I get a call from my Mom, she says “did you fill in for Bill O’Reilly on Fox last night?” I said no.  She said Mrs. Kelly (whose known me since birth) said she watched you and you did great.  (Well at least I didn’t bomb.)

A similar tale happened to my sister-in-law who had a cousin in Connecticut call all excited telling her to turn on the TV I was subbing for O’Reilly.

It’s not just e-mails either I was out in Madison, Ohio a year or two back waiting for a council meeting to start and I could kind of hear two older guys talking low behind me, “is it him?”

Finally one of them said to me “did you use to be a Senator?”  I said “it’s actually Congressman and no I’m not him.”

When he announced he was running for Governor I started getting similar comments. A colleague at a competing station came up to me in April when Kasich’s name first started being mentioned and said “are you running for office?”  I politely explained the story.  She said “my hairdresser is convinced it’s you and she’s going to vote for you.”

Forget about votes, maybe I should start accepting campaign contributions.