Gambling in Ohio; What the state needs to know.

     The decision to allow the Ohio Lottery to operate slots at Ohio’s seven horse tracks is the largest leap the state has ever taken when it comes to something resembling casino gambling.

     For four years I covered the casino industry in Atlantic City and in 2001 I worked in Buffalo when New York State entered into a compact with the Seneca Nation of Indians to bring casinos to Western New York.

     At the time I wanted them to learn from Atlantic City’s mistakes so I returned to America’s Favorite Playground to talk with the people I knew about what Western New York needed to know as they moved forward.

     The following is the the three part series I put together then.  The lessons learned are as valid today as they were then and warrent a closer look.

PART ONE:  This sets the scene for how New Jersey came to approve casinos for Atlantic City.  Long story short?  As this piece shows they really didn’t have many other options for the dying resort.

PART TWO:  Okay you have casinos, was it what you thought it would be? For Atlantic City’s restaurants and businesses the answer was no.

PART THREE:  With 20/20 hindsight what advice do Atlantic City’s business, political and social leaders have for Western New York and in turn Ohio as they prepare to enter the gambling waters.


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