Shoobie; Man’s… My Best Friend

Shoobie on top of Big Pocono Mountain, Tannersville, PA 1998

Shoobie on top of Big Pocono Mountain, Tannersville, PA 1998

Here’s what I love about a blog,  the opportunity to take a step back and write about things you might not get the chance to normally write about.  So with Cleveland and the world around us in relative calm at this hour (relative being the operative word) I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to Shoobie.

Shoobie is a 9-pound Shihtzu who joined our family in January of 1998 not long after my wife Stacey and I got married.  I never had a pet in my life, my wife grew up with lots of them, Shoobie was the compromise.

shoobie   Since Stacey got the dog I got to name it.  Many people who know me think “Shoobie” was some sort of Shoobie doobie do Sinatra reference. 

In reality “Shoobie” is a South Jersey term.  Downtheshore you had the locals and you had the Shoobie’s or the tourists.  The term came about in the old days when the day trippers would come down on the train from Philadelphia, they would be easy to spot on the beach because they carried their lunches in shoeboxes… so they were “shoobies.”  Since our new puppy could fit in a shoebox we decided the name fit.

Shoobie opened my eyes to what I had been missing all those years of not having a dog, your worst day at work seemed to disappear when you came home to this ball of fur who was now experiencing the best part of her day at the sight of you walking through the door.august 2008 233

With each move we made in this business Shoobie was the constant for us, the one who let us know this new place we were living in was now our home.

Shoobie & Aidan; Halloween 2003

Shoobie & Aidan; Halloween 2003

In 2003 though Shoobie would get company in that department with the birth of our son Aidan.  Shoobie could have been jealous of the competition for our affection but instead became a protective older sister to this child who insisted on poking her and pulling at her, never once did Shoobie snip or try to get away.  Someone once said when you don’t have any kids your dog is your baby and when you do have kids your  november 2008 117dog is your  dog.   I swore that would never be the case but the reality of parenting is there  is a hair of truth in that statement.

Luckilly Shoobie never realized that, she just knew her world revolved around three people who relied on her daily in more ways then she’d ever know.

August 18th, 2009 marks the one year anniversary of Shoobie’s sudden death.  The hole she left in our hearts will never be filled.  People say get another dog but it’s not that simple.  It wouldn’t have been fair to introduce a new dog until we were ready.  We didn’t want to look in the loving new dog’s face and think ‘you’re not Shoobie.’ 

After a year though I think we’re very close to the point where we can once again open ourselves to getting another dog.   In writing this and reflecting on what Shoobie brought us in her 10 years I realize to not get another dog is our loss.

Shoobie & Aidan Fall 2007

Shoobie & Aidan Fall 2007


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