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Ohio Issue 3; What to expect.

September 29, 2009

As the debate over Ohio’s Issue 3 heats up I felt the need to re-post these two pieces I did on Atlantic City in 2001.  I covered the casino industry there  for four years and put these stories together when New York State was about to dive into the waters of casino gambling.

This piece looks at the unanticipated consequences when gambling came to Atlantic City.

This piece picks the brains of those who saw Atlantic City through those difficult days to see what they think any state looking at gambling should or shouldn’t include and what they need to be prepared for.


Issue 3 Debate; Gambling in Ohio

September 15, 2009

I’m not taking a stand either way on Issue 3, the proposal to bring free standing Las Vegas style casinos to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, so don’t take it as such.

But what caught my ear in a commercial the other day was what opponents of Issue 3 claim as one of it’s downfalls.  That at no time will it create 34,000 jobs for Ohioans.  That many of those jobs will go to highly skilled workers from other parts of the country rather than taking the time to train Ohio workers.

Would I like to see Ohioans in those jobs? Absolutely 100%.  But let’s not forget that we as a state and especially in Northeast Ohio are hemorrhaging residents.  In fact in a story I did on the subject in 2008 I pointed out that  in a 7 year period the city of Cleveland alone lost an average of 15 people a day.

 So is it necessarily a bad thing that people will actually move to Ohio for jobs?  That they’ll maybe buy up some of our housing stock and pump their savings (earned elsewhere) here into Ohio?

The debate on gambling is a great one with many great back and forth’s to come, arguments that hopefully create more of a discussion than this one.