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Celebrating the Accordion! (Seriously)

October 26, 2009

Ask me to pick one story over the last 20 years that stood out among the rest and I’d make a strong case for this one shot in Buffalo celebrating of all things, the accoridon.

Take a look.

I loved this story because I certainly did not anticipate meeting someone like Edwin when I set out to do it, he was enough to carry the story alone.

 Then when I borrowed one of his accoridons to talk with people I did so thinking that I’ll approach people with a big accordion around my neck, ask them to guess which musical instrument we’re celebrating this month, then be totally surprised when they all guess correctly the accordion.  

The only problem?  No one got it, no one put two and two together.  ABC’s World News This Morning ran the story as a kicker which prompted Barry Mitchell (he of World News Polka fame) to send along a… well… interesting autographed photo which if I can find…and am allowed to post… I will.


VOTE YES ON ISSUE 33 & a 1/3

October 26, 2009

Much has been said about Issue 33 & 1/3 we want you to know the truth!

A vote yes for Issue 33 & 1/3  is a vote not only for Ohio’s future but our past present.

Issue 33 & 1/3 will;

– Create Jobs – Lower Taxes

– Raise property values

– Reduce our dependence on imported beer

– Improve education

– Take inches off our waists

– Make our streets safer, cleaner and self repairing

– Put a chicken in every pot

– Make our children respectful

– End male pattern baldness

– Give us a lush, green, fuller lawn

– Make us the envy of the other 49 states. (Guam, Puerto Rico & American Samoa too.)

DON’T BE FOOLED: Those who oppose Issue 33 & 1/3 are mean hateful people who live out of state, never call their mothers and don’t like puppies, kittens or small children.

Ohio the time is now to stand up and be counted.  Vote YES on Issue 33 & 1/3, You deserve it!

-The preceding message was furnished by the Council of Confusion Over All Campaign Ads. – I.B. Baffled, Treasurer