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Cleveland Cavaliers; Quest for the “ship.”

February 24, 2010

Cavs fan welcomes Antawn Jamison 2.23.10

With the Cavs now having all the pieces in place for this Championship chase I will try from time to time to take and post some behind the scenes pictures when I’m down at the “Q.”

Shaquille O'Neal & Lebron James; One on One

Shaq dunks on Mo as Anthony and Anderson look on.

Shaq dunks on Mo as Parker & Varejao look on.

These are some pictures before the February 23rd matchup against the New Orleans Hornets.  Incidentally the term “ship” in the title refers to championship.  A Clevelander I interviewed last week threw that out there and I liked it (once I understood what it meant.)

The National Anthem

Thank you Sensei

In baseball you can miss the first pitch and in football the kick off (unless its to Josh Cribbs) but with the Cavs you really want to be in your seat early, the pre-game festivities are always entertaining from the loosness in the shootaround to the flame throwing introductions it’s something I never seem to get tired of seeing.