Evicting Old Man Winter


“If I ruled the world every day would be the first day of spring.”

I recently heard this opening lyric to a  Tony Bennett song and my first thought was clearly this was written by a southerner!

Anyone who has ever spent the first day of spring in Northeast Ohio knows, more often than not, it’s just another day of winter with a later sunset.   We know not to be fooled by the recent warm weather, all we have to do is recall a few of the past Aprils where we had significant snowfall.

A few years ago after a back breaking winter in Buffalo, one in which we saw 7-feet of snow in five days,  the first day of spring was cold, raw and overcast.  So I called up the longtime Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark, a “call ’em like I see ’em” hard nosed prosecutor with the map of Ireland written over his face.  

 I say “Frank I have a question about a landlord – tenant dispute.”  He says “I’m listening.”   I said there’s the tenant, this old man named Winter, his lease is up and he shows no signs of moving out, do we have any legal options?   Frank knew where I was headed and said come on over.  This is the piece we put together.


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