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I got the sand in my shoes

July 22, 2010

Ocean City Boardwalk

LeBron James can have South Beach, I’ll take the South Jersey Beach.  After the roller coaster that was “The Decision” I look to turn my attention to happy thoughts like being a Shoobie. No worries, no responsibilities, no work.

If you know one thing about me know this,  I’ve got the sand in my shoes!  I always did dating back to when I was kid and my family would head to the beaches of Stone Harbor and Ocean City, New Jersey each year and later when I lived in Ocean City while anchoring the 11 p.m. newscast in A.C.

As much as I love the beach though I’ve never been one to just sit there so as a kid I played in the sand and when I was an adult I – well – continued to play in the sand.

It started in recent years when my son was around two years old and I started digging a hole in the sand each day for him to play in with his best friend Matthew.  As the holes got bigger so too did the pile of sand so one day I just started playing with it, then sculpting it.

It started off simple enough with sports logos and such then spread to things like the above Spongebob.

While creating the pieces is always fun what is equally as fun is watching them fall to the incoming tide.

We build walls and moats and channels but eventually you just got to let the ocean do what it does best.

Or course on those days when the tides going out then we let the kids do the honors.

As the boys get older though the draw of the hole in the sand is rapidly fading in favor of the allure of the ocean and spending hours on end attempting to ride the waves.

In a way that’s okay, while I’ll miss playing in the sand my back won’t miss digging the holes.


LeBron James’ Decision & Al Capone’s Vault

July 7, 2010

A sentence on the web just caught my eye, it referred to something being slang for “a heavily hyped event with disappointing results.”

My first reaction was ‘oh LeBron’s “Decision” television special.’  But since it hadn’t aired yet I knew they couldn’t be talking about that.

Then I saw that no, when this event occurred in April of 1986, LeBron James was in diapers not even a year and a half old.

The television special in question, which drew an estimated audience of 30 million Americans, was hosted by Geraldo Rivera under the title The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault.

Two hours of live TV in that case that ended in let down for everyone.  The IRS agents there to seize the riches Capone had stashed away in the basement of Chicago’s Lexington Hotel went home empty handed.  The coroner, there in the event they found dead bodies went back to the morgue finding nothing  and Americans went back to their lives knowing these were two hours they’d never get back.

For fans of several teams in several cities that is no doubt the feeling that they will have once the Chosen One chooses Thursday night.

A heavily hyped event with disappointing results… hopefully not for Cleveland.