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Cleveland Browns; The Pittsburgh Jinx

October 12, 2010
Cleveland Browns Stadium (where the Steelers are 9-1)

Cleveland Browns Stadium (where the Steelers are 9-1)

Since the Cleveland Browns returned to the pro football scene in 1999 (I know many would argue if they’ve actually returned) much and I mean much has been made about their inability to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The next chapter in this decades long saga will be written October 17 at Heinz Field.  Last year a co-worker, photographer Tom Livingston, asked me to make a copy on DVD of some old stories he did at WEWS-TV when he was first starting out here in 1980-’81.

A number of those stories caught my eye and ear for being timeless but none more so then the one I post below from October of 1981.  It was after a heartbreaking 13-7 loss to the Steelers in Three Rivers Stadium.  The story by reporter Allen Davis looks at the Browns inability to win in Pittsburgh and raises the question of some sort of jinx.  (Which then head coach Sam Rutigliano does his best to shoot down.)  29-years later though the discussion continues.